Bike shop Cairns, how do you choose?

Are you looking for a local bike shop Cairns that you can trust. Many customers ask me if I know of any cairns bike shops.

bike shop Cairns

As an independent mechanic, I do not choose sides, and I understand that most bikes are purchased from a local bike shop Cairns, although online purchased are rising.

Therefore, usually I would recommend the customer have their bike taken back to its respective reseller, if not then I can provide the servicing. Such as if you have a Giant bike, then it would go back to Cairns Bicycle Centre. Or if you have a Specialized bike, then I would recommend you take it to Pump ‘n Pedals.

Although, for someone who has purchased the bike second hand,

then it’s not really a requirement to take it into the dealer. Much like if you purchased a second-hand Toyota, then you are not bound to have to take it to the dealer for servicing. Therefore you can take it to any mechanic you choose and trust.

cairns bike shops

Here I am fixing another awesome bike for an awesome customer

So that brings us back to the Ride On Mobile Bike Shop service as an option when it comes time for your bike to be repaired, serviced, and maintained. My mobile bike shop Cairns is fully kitted out with the latest Park tools and other specialist tools. Each tool having their own use. Also, did I mention that I really like working on a variety of brands and types of bikes.

Ride On is not affiliated with any brand, company, sponsorship, energy drink. Although it would be nice to have some big financial support, but in the meantime, I shall remain humble. I enjoy wrenching, making customers happy and most of all, enjoying the local trails on a finely tuned bike.

Have a look at my service menu and drop your bike in sometime. Whether it needs a once over or a full service. I am also now specialising in suspension tuning and servicing.

Find Ride-On Mobile Bike Shop here at the new headquarters