Anaconda Cairns has plenty of bikes but did you just get your bike home, but don't know what to do next...

That’s not a problem, as Ride On Mobile Bike Shop can help you put that new bike all together as a trusty stead ready to tackle any mountain, park, or boardwalk ride.

When going through the range of bikes available at Anaconda Cairns is tricky enough, given that there is such a diverse range of different bikes to choose from. But when you have made the final decision, tried the bike for size and maybe even gone for a test ride. Until then you realise the bike is still in a box, partially assembled, and really not a complete bike.

If you receive a bike in a box from a big retailer, not to worry as it’s very easy to assemble. Usually a wrench, allen key and some extra small tools will come with the bike a box. Although if it’s too much for you, then simply drop the boxed bike into the store and we will be more than happy to build it, tune it, and setup it up for your size and riding style, with a focus on comfort.

Buying a bike, is fun and riding a bike is even more so. Therefore if you felt let down when dragging that bike out of the box. It’s no drama, as Ride On will have you on your bike in now time. We provide friendly service and a speedy turnaround.